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Tactical Force Gear

Hangfire Two Point Rapid Transition Sling - Subscription Only

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$25.00 USD
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$25.00 USD

This is one of the best left/right-handed deluxe double point slings for the money on the market today. This is one of the best left/right handed deluxe single point slings for the money on the market today.

  • Perfect for left or right-hand shooters
  • Can easily attach to any gun with a standard sling swivel or sling end plate with the default HK Clip that comes with the sling.
  • Dual bungee system reduces the tension on your neck & shoulders making it very comfortable to wear for a longer duration
  • Strong QR buckles allow the user to easily remove the sling without pulling it over their head.  This is extremely convenient if wearing a plate carrier.
  • Fully adjustable to wear how you like
  • Do not restrict your movement with your rifle.
  • Keeps your firearm directly in front of you or at your side
  • Allows you to shoot from either shoulder without having to adjust the Sling.