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Biden And The Lefts Are Set On Coming After All Weapons. Read Below To See How To Get Your Hands On Our Most Sought Out Knife In The Nation.
Hurry Before They Ban Them!

The administration in charge of this Great Nation is bearing down heavy on Gun Stores, Sporting Goods Stores, and even your local Feed Store that offers knifes, guns & ammo -- new restrictions are going to hurt everyone. By end of 2022, we may be out of business due to products being banned or taxed so greatly that all stores lose money on every product sold.
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Tactical Force Gear

Black Ice Blade

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$68.00 USD
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$199.00 USD
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$68.00 USD
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Dear Reader,

In April 2022, the POTUS stood in front of the Nation and vowed to make new restrictions on weapons.

Bans will start with high-capacity magazines, ammo types, rifles... who knows what will be next after that. This will open the door for the radical left to take away anything they want. This would include knives at some point.

Biden even stated that no amendment is absolute...

Seriously, we have to wake up.

The current admin is stacked with politicians who want to get rid of all "assault weapons". Our Vice President has also shown to be tough on weapons as attorney general of California. Can you imagine being imprisoned for protecting your family or your own life?

Thank The Lord I've never had an experience where anyone has tried to take away my weapons, nor would I ever let that happen, I think most True Patriots feel the same.

Look with all this bad news about new weapons bans, there is some good news: if you can get your hands on one of these weapons before legislation passes... You'll be good to go.

We all know no American Patriot will just hand over their weapons to the government or anyone for that matter. I think we all know what would happen if they tried!

So if the lefts and their hit squad can't come and take our weapons then how will they? Answer is they will come for business like TacticalForceGear and manufacturers of gun/tactical weapons.

Look, I'd be forced to clear my shelves of certain items which would crush our business because I'd be sitting on inventory I can't legally offer to customers.

I'll tell you what! I'm not letting the Biden boys ruin my business so I'm liquidating my most sought out blade I've ever offered. We currently have 470 left in stock, at a damn good price (I can't offer it for any less).

It's The Black Ice Switchblade

This bad boy is 4.0" long closed and 7.5" long when opened. The blade has 3" tripled beveled blade for ultra long lasting sharpness and a double serrated edge for cutting through tough materials like belts, ropes, vines, shrubs, branches, animal hide etc. The blade comes with a sheath that can go on your belt loop or best of all because of its size, the entire knife and sheath can fit in your pocket, range or police duty belt, night stand, desk, glove box, you name it - this thing is compact. The blade is an all time great defense weapon if you happen to leave your firearm behind that day (we've all been there).



The internal spring system on this knife is insanely quick, compared to a $515 Benchmade OTF Knife, the Black Ice Blade is faster and built with better quality materials.

Don't worry, we would never have you pay $515 or even our normal price of $199. We just ask you keep this deal on the down low because during this special one time liquidation event... We are taking $131 OFF retail and giving you this thing for $68.

I wasnt kidding when I said these are going for break even and we wont make a penny on this deal. I just can't afford to take a huge loss on the inventory if the laws change rapidly - that would put our store under.

You can add this to your cart above and then go to checkout or you can click any of the large red buttons that will take you to a 100% secure adn safe checkout where you can fill in shipping information. As soon as we have that info, we will box up your Black Ice knife from our fulfillment center in Fort Gaines, Georgia -- we then drive it over to the post office same day. So depending on where you live you should have your order in 3-5 days.

The kicker is you need to hurry! We only have so much inventory and once we are out, we are out for good...

If you want a Black Ice Blade or even are thinking about it then click the button below right now and get one for over 70% OFF.

Take Care,

Jason Bates
Tactical Force Gear

**ATTENTION: Our Supply Is Extremely Limited**
Retail Price: $199
Your Price:
$68 + FREE Shipping

>Compact Design:
This thing fits in your pocket, night stand, glove box, tackle box, the wifes purse - you name it.
>Razor Sharp Blade: made with durable stainless steel, this triple beveled blade will stay sharp for a lifetime.
>Double Serrated Edge: Perfect for cutting through tough objects like animal hide, rope, vines, branches.
>Quick Deployment: Military-Grade dynamic spring technology allows for rapid deployment of the blade.
>70% OFF: We are only offering this for a limited time until our inventory is liquidated.

Because the laws regarding the ownership, carry and use of OTF knives vary from state to state, it is entirely up to you the purchaser to determine the legality of owning, carrying, and use of an OTF knife.

My first experience with these gents was when I purchased their combat tundra scope for my AR. I was so impressed because when USPS messed my order, TFG was on it and replaced it no problem free of charge. I recently got a knife being the black ice blade and I love it, its really easy to push the trigger to make the blade deploy.

Buck L.


Great price for this knife, I was really impressed when it came with a box and nice sheath. Did not expect that especially with the free shipping.

Stacy G.


Bought myself a black ice knife for my 70th birthday. I love how easily the blade comes out, the button is buttery smooth. My hands are weak and I couldnt use some of these other otf knifes cause they were too hard to use.

Terry F.


We Are Confident You Will Love Your Black Ice Blade. That's Why We Back Every Purchase With A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If You Are Not Ecstatic About Your purchase, You Can Contact Us Anytime:
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