Check out this SOF Veteran and Active Military approved Urban Warfare Holster.

There's no catch here, we want America prepared with the same high tech gear we choose to defend our families with.

Fast shipping - Grab one today, and your order will be en route within 24 hrs.

We guarantee this offer will not last long as our stock is extremely limited.


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Tactical Force Gear

Urban Warfare Holster

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$70.99 USD
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$24.00 USD
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Hey Fellow Gun Owner,

Jason here, I wanted to give y'all my two cents on why I choose this Holster for my sidearm.  
Look, having your gun holstered in one of these tactical bad boys can easily be lifesaving in a situation where you have to draw your firearm quickly.. Increase your accuracy by being able to quickly draw your secured weapon with this holster.

Reasons I choose the Urban Warfare Holster To Carry My Handguns 

  • Become a skilled marksman with the increase in target acquisition time from the quick draw design.
  • Works great on any kind of pistol.
  • Perfect for any combat situation where you carry for a long period.
  • Ideal for Police, Military, Tactical Operators and the everyday Patriot.

I can't talk too much about my days in SOF, but I can let you know the importance of being able to securely carry your sidearm for long durations.

Typically, the sidearm rarely gets used, but when it comes time to pull it, chances are this a close quarters combat situation, where friendlies could be in the line of fire mixed in with the enemy.

In that exact situation, night or day, you'll want to be able to draw quickly and react swiftly.

Our stock is extremely limited on these Holsters so do this great Country a favor and holster your sidearm with The Urban Warfare Holster.

Take care Patriot,

Jason Bates
Call / Text My Cell: (305) 209-7405 

Our confidence is high that you will love your Urban Warfare Holster as much as we do, but we want you to be confident in making this great decision! That's why we back every product with a 60-Day TFG Money Back Guarantee.

We recommend that as soon as your Holster arrives within 3-5 business days, go ahead and take it out and holster your favorite sidearm.

Wear it around and test it out, take it to the range, wear it on a hunt. Take it through your test of what a great holster should be to you.

If you can't see that this is the best Holster on the market, if you cant feel the stability and see that this thing is tactically elite...then go ahead and reach out to us and let us know. We will send you instructions to return your holster within 60 days and then we'll refund you everything you spent!

As you may of seen us say before, this is a liquidation event and we are only offering these holsters at this low of a price for a limited time until our stock is empty.

After this liquidation event, we will be raising the holsters to $70.99.

Typically, we offer the holsters for that price and our customers say it's worth every dime because it gives them the ability to confidently control their weapon, in addition to its durability and tough design.

But look, we arent having you pay $70.99.

We are liquidating this stock to clear space in our old warehouse as we are moving into a much larger facility. We simply have no choice but to clear our stock as fast as possible, so we are letting these holsters go at cost.

Grab a holster today and you'll get an Urban Warfare Holster at no risk, for an insanely great discount.

Order one today before you miss out, it takes us 11 months to re stock!

The Urban Warfare Holster is Loaded With Features!

- Comes With Fully Adjustable Straps

- Universal Fit for Any Sized Handgun

- Made From a Tough Nylon Material

- Comes With Sturdy Dual Strap System

- Weighs 3.0 Ounces – Very Light, but strong.

- Comes With Additional Magazine Storage

- We Offer Wholesale Discounts For Huge Savings.

- Comes with our TFG 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

You Can Contact Us Anytime By Email:
Or By Phone Call or Text: (305) 209-7405 

Testimonials are from verified buyers who provided feedback via our online review form.

Verified Purchase

I highly reccomend this Holster! I carry daily as a Police Officer in Montana. We are wearing the black and Tan primarily but we also keep a stock of the camo as those look great too.

Terry G.


Verified Purchase

TFG came through with an amazing deal for this nice of a holster. I'd say for the price and toughness, the Urban Warfare Holster takes the cake!

Drake L.


Verified Purchase

Great Holster, sturdy design. I got one in each color so I can wear them while on duty at my security job.

Frank S.


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Are there any subscriptions or hidden fees?

NO! We are here to serve our customers and build life long relationships. We think hidden subscriptions & fees are what's wrong with the ecommerce space.

How can I contact Tactical Force Gear?

We can be contacted 24/7/365 days a year via email at or by phone call or text: 305 - 209 - 7405

Is Tactical Force Gear secure to order from?

Tactical Force Gear is proudly American owned and Veteran operated. We offer 256bit encryption with SSL on our order form, that's the highest level of encryption that our own US military uses. So you know your details are kept safe and private. This is The Tactical Force Gear promise!

What is your return policy?

We offer a 60-Day Full-Money Back Guarantee! This means if you try a product with us, and you are unhappy with anything about it, we will refund you every dime spent & cover shipping! So try any product out with us at no-risk!