The Hangfire Two Point Rapid Transition Sling!

Tactical Force Gear is Handing Out Rifle Slings Until Our Stock Is Empty.  
These Military Grade Hangfire Slings Are Now Available To Civilians For A Ridiculous Price As We Are Liquidating Our Stock.
Our Shipping Is Fast – Coming Direct From The USA. Order Today And It Will be En-Route Same Day.
This Offer Is Time Sensitive, As Our Stock Is Extremely Limited.
Our Hangfire Doublepoint Slings Are In High Demand, If You Don't Order Today, You May Never Get One!

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Tactical Force Gear

Hangfire Two Point Rapid Transition Sling

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$29.00 USD
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$70.99 USD
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$29.00 USD

Hey Fellow Gun Owner,

Look, I’m not kidding when I say these Hangfire slings are absolute bad boys and the best sling I’ve ever owned.

We’ve had them tested by SOF Veterans, SWAT members, hunters, and the every day gun owner – they all say that these are the toughest slings on the market for the price.

They have a nylon material that makes them last a lifetime, two strong buckles on each end, and a handle for easy adjustment and maneuverability.

I’m a pretty big guy myself and these slings fit great even with my body armor on. Whether you’re big or small, short or tall, this is the perfect gun sling.

It’s great for any AR-15, AK, Shotgun or hunting rifle. Friendly heads up: We are down to our last slings, and it takes us 11 months to produce a new stock.

Snag one today while supplies last!

Jason Bates,
Tactical Force Gear

Details Matter:

  • Double Point Technology Allows Shooter To Switch From Single And Double Point. Configurations. Comes With Pad For Additional Comfort 
  • Comes With An Easy To Adjust, Rapid Transition Handle  
  • Can Easily Attach To Any AR-15 Or Tactical Rifle 
  • Dual Nylon Material System Reduces The Tension On Your Neck & Shoulders Making It Comfortable To Wear for Long Durations.  
  • Easily Remove The Sling Without Pulling It Over Head.  
  • Does Not Restrict Your Movement With Your Rifle. 
  • Keeps Your Firearm Directly In Front Of You, At Your Side, Or Behind You. 

    Our slings come with a 30 day TFG Money Back Guarantee.
    Our confidence is high that you will love your Hangfire sling as much as we do, but we want you to be confident in making this great decision! That's why we back every product with a 30-Day TFG Money Back Guarantee.
    If you need anything you can contact us anytime at

Our confidence is high that you will love your Hangfire sling as much as we do, but we want you to be confident in making this great decision! That's why we back every product with a 30-Day TFG Money Back Guarantee.

We recommend that as soon as your sling arrives within 3-5 business days, go ahead and take it out and strap it to your gun.

Wear it around and test it out, take it to the range, wear it on a hunt. Take it through your test of what a great sling should be to you.

If you can't see that this is the best sling on the market, if you cant feel the stability and see that this thing is a tactical bad boy...then go ahead and reach out to us and let us know. We will send you instructions to return your sling within 30 days and then we'll refund you everything you spent!

As you may of seen us say before, this is a liquidation event and we are only offering these slings at this low of a price for a limited time until our stock is empty.

After this liquidation event, we will be raising the slings to $70.99.

Typically, we offer the slings for that price and our customers say it is worth every dime because it gives them the ability to confidently control their weapon, in addition to its durability and sleek design.

But look, we arent having you pay $70.99.

We are liquidating this stock to clear space in our old warehouse as we are moving into a much larger facility. We simply have no choice but to clear our stock as fast as possible, so we are letting these slings go at cost.

Grab a sling today and you'll get a Hangfire Double Point Sling at no risk, for an insanely great discount.

Order one today before you miss out, it takes us 11 months to re stock!

You Can Contact Us Anytime By Email:
Or By Phone Call or Text: (305) 209-7405 

I’ve been an AR-15 enthusiast for years and I have 8 different tactical rifles, so I know my way around a gun sling. The tough leather like material these are made of make it durable and last a long time. I’ve had other slings in the past that stretch and become worn out too quick. I also really like the handle that makes the whole sling easy to adjust. This sling is versatile as it allows me to transfer from single to double point, depending on my situation. I use it at the range when we are practicing tactical maneuvers and I also use it on my AR-15 for hog hunting and coyote hunting on our farm land in Texas. I bought one for each of my rifles in black, love the wholesale pricing too.

Buck M.


These slings are top notch. I bought one in each color for my hunting rifle and for my AR-15. The ease of use is what I like the most, easy to quickly attach or detach but the buckles are sturdy when attached as well. My AR-15 is pretty decked out and carries some weight when I have my 35 round mags attached to it, these slings have no problem making that weight feel like nothing. The handle is cool and unique as well, makes it easy to change the size. 

Tracy L.


Highly recommend the TFG Hangfire Sling. I’ve been in SWAT and been an LEO for 21 years now. I’ve seen many slings come and go, we recently started using these slings at our department and we haven't looked back. The two point system is easy to switch from single to double point if preferred. The material on these is tough and the handle makes adjusting easy. Buckles are strong but easy to remove quickly. We buy these in bulk typically to get the additional discount.

Richard G.