Group Shots Tighter
Acquire Targets Quicker

Utilize The Same Tactical Gear That SOF Operators Use To Eliminate Bad Guys Worldwide

Gun Owners: If you are looking to increase the speed at which you acquire targets and if you want to take out targets with the efficiency of a Special Forces Operator then check out what we are offering below.

We are showing you a technology that is SOF approved for combat. This optic has the ability to 10X your target acquisition speed while improving your accuracy to an expert marksman level.

It’s easy to operate and it will work with many firearm types – this scope will enhance your marksmanship.

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Tactical Force Gear

Tundra Scope

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From Jason Bates:

Hey Patriot,
The idea for the technology being utilized in our Tundra Combat Scopes was first successfully created and used by Spec Operators back in 2010 during the Afghanistan War in the Pesh River vallley. 
We had a night mission that involved moving by chopper into enemy territory. The mission went well but things got hairy on re entry into our base that night by local enemy forces. We started to take fire and it appeared immediately to be a large ambush. 
Luckily for me, I always customize my gear, and I had a Tundra Combat Scope on my AR. In the darkness of night, completely surrounded, I was able to pinpoint enemy locations and take them down one by one. 
This technology gave myself an edge over our enemy and I know it can do the same for anyone else. It’s great for a wide variety of distances.  
This is also the perfect scope on your AR for home defense as it works good in CQC. I’d recommend this sight for predatory animal hunts for coyotes, hogs etc. 
Now it’s your turn to get your hands on this technology... 
Arm up and stay prepared America,

Jason Bates

Look, knocking down targets with Navy Seal accuracy makes you feel like such a bada$$. 
This scope takes away any need to strain to find and fire on your targets, You'll place each shot right where you intend. 
Without a doubt this scope will have your friends and family impressed with your expert level marksmanship while you’re at the range or out on the family property shooting. Don’t be surprised if they get pissed because you out shoot them! 
This scope is a blast to use and shoot stuff with friends, but when the time comes it can be used as a fierce and pinpoint accurate tactical accessory.  

The Tundra Combat Scope Specifications & Features: 
- Toggle Red & Green dot LED with 5 Brightness Levels 
- Waterproof, Fogproof & Shockproof
- Made from Aircraft-Grade Metal 
- 4 MOA Red/Green Dot for Swift Target Acquisition 
- Platinum Coated Lens -- No Glare 
- 35MM Lens Provides Wide Field of View
- Cantilever Mount For Easy Attachment 
- CR2032 Battery Included!  
- Premium Quick-Flip Lens Covers Included!
- Fits Any Weaver, Picatinny & MIL STD Systems
- Comes With Easy to Use/ Understand Instruction Manual

Our Confidence Is High That You Will Love This Combat Scope, And We Want You To Be Confident In Making This Great Decision! That’s Why We Back Every Product With A 30-Day TFG Money Back Guarantee! If You Are Not Absolutely Ecstatic About This Purchase, Then You Can Contact Us Anytime Here:  
We Make Returns Easy As Sunday Morning, And We Will Refund Every Cent Of your Purchase Within 30 Days if You Are Not Satisfied.

You Can Contact Us Anytime By Email: 
Or By Phone Call or Text: (305) 209-7405 

What a scope this is, I have a few red dots and a couple acogs but this scope for the price is the best ive come across. It's extremely accurate and perfect for any shot taken within 200 yards.

Terry M.


Love the Tundra scope. Scope just looks so clean on my AR but the best part is how durable and accurate the sight is. I like the green dot for low light shooting, I got two scopes for the bundle prciing so i also put on on my AK which im loving the look. thanks TFG!

Tracy L.


Highly recommend the TFG Tundra Scope. I’ve been in SWAT and been an LEO for 12 years now. I’ve seen many slings come and go, we recently started using these Scopes at our department and we haven't looked back. The LED light and crystal clear view is great but the durability and price is what we are most fond of with this scope.

Rich A.